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Vegan Bamboo Dry Brush

Bamboo Switch
  • $15.00

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The Vegan Bamboo Dry Brush with sisal bristles does not require water. Use a circular motion across your skin to lift dead skin cells and increase circulation. It can be used in the shower though (many customers love using this as a shower back scratcher!).

  • Perfect for a self care day.
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and free of dead skin
  • Brush body before shower or use in shower.
  • To clean the bristles, boil the bristles for 1-2 minutes as needed and let air dry.
  • This brush will usually last 3 months, depending on how often it is used.
  • Entire brush is ethically made and fully compostable upon disposal.
  • Bamboo Switch is an Eco Lifestyle brand promoting a zero-waste lifestyle through thoughtfully designed, utility, and beauty-focused products. Their mission emphasizes inclusivity, ethical sourcing, fair pricing, and a belief that the eco journey is accessible to everyone.