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The Cookie Tray | Pack of 2

Souper Cubes
  • $29.95

Freshly baked cookies should always be readily available. Born out of conversations with their loyal and enthusiastic customers, Souper Cubes® designed The Cookie Tray™. This patent-pending tray is designed to freeze cookie dough in perfectly sized and shaped cookies so that they freeze easily, save precious freezer space, and let you bake as many fresh cookies as you want, when you want. Say good-bye to the days of using a large sheet pan to freeze your cookie dough.


  • Each cookie well is roughly 1.6 inches in diameter and bakes a 2.5 inch cookie.
  • Included in this set are two cookie trays and two lids, freezing a total of 20 cookie dough discs.
  • A steel-embedded rim and thick food-grade silicone keeps each tray sturdy. 
  • The snug- fitting lid keeps odors out and enables easy stacking.
  • Makes a 2.5" cookie, equivalent in volume to a #40 cookie scoop. 
  • Use as a mold and remove frozen cookie rounds, or store up to 20 cookie dough rounds at once.