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Sink+Toilet Cleaner Concentrate

The Tidy People
  • $49.00
Apply a few drops of Tidy People's highly concentrated, non-toxic Sink+Toilet cleaner to a sponge or add to water, and you're off to the races! Give yourself and your house the clean it deserves.
  • Starter Kit includes: 16 ounces of cleaning concentrate in a reusable glass bottle and a measuring cup.
  • Reuse this bottle unlimited times!
  • Scent: Lemon Rose Rocket. Designed to make you feel like your senses are taking off in a rocket ship! An uplifting mood booster with antibacterial properties.
  • Capryl glucoside, organic cane alcohol, aqua, hydroxyethycellulose, organic essential oils.

A few drops of this cleaner mixed with water and applied with sponge or brush, will give you the scrubbing power you need to effectively clean your sink or toilet.

Reusable glass container reduces landfill waste. Organic essential oils and clean ingredients are safe for you and the earth.