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Shower Cleaner Starter Kit

The Tidy People
  • $29.00

Foam up and fight grime with this powerful, non-toxic tub, tile, and porcelain cleaner. Get your shower sparkling clean with Tidy People's Shower Cleaner Starter Kit!

  • Starter Kit includes: one 16-ounce reusable glass bottle with a protective silicone sleeve and two 2-ounce organic cleaning concentrates.
  • Scent: Creamsicle Sunset. Built to help you imagine you’re outside on a warm sunny day, watching the sunset and taking in the surrounding scents. naturally antimicrobial, with an uplifting scent profile.
  • Reuse this bottle unlimited times. Simply purchase the refill kits when you need more product!
  • Capryl glucoside, aqua, organic cane alcohol, hydroxyethycellulose, organic essential oils.

Add 14 ounces of water to the spray bottle, then top off with one 2-ounce cleaner concentrate. Shake to mix, then get cleaning!

Reusable glass container reduces landfill waste. Organic essential oils and clean ingredients are safe for you and the earth.