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Reusable Organic Cotton Infusion Brew Bag

  • $16.99

Pack of two filters.

Use with herbs and spices such as: rosemary, lavender, bay leaves, peppercorn, basil, chamomile, oatmeal, ginger, chai spices, etc… for an herbal bath or a hearty dish!

Herb infusions add extra health benefits to tea and water and intense flavor to cooking essentials. Think thyme oil, calendula or bay leaf tea, rosemary infused water or even spiced vodka.

  • Cotton imparts no flavor on the finished brew unlike paper.
  • CoffeeSock filters are made with Certified Organic Cotton.
  • Cotton is 90% cellulose, which is a tasteless and odorless compound that is insoluble in water. Wood is 40-50% while Hemp is approximately 45% cellulose.
  • CoffeeSock filters are durable and and may last a year or more. They are a reusable alternative to paper filters and nylon sacks.
  • CoffeeSock filters out-perform any comparable disposable and reusable filters.
  • All filters are made in Austin, Texas.