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Premium Washable Mesh Kind Laundry Bag

Kind Laundry
  • $10.00

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Protect your delicate items in the wash while letting the water and soap do their job! Use this washable mesh laundry bag to prevent pulling, tearing, and tangles, and extend the life of your clothes. Bonus: never lose a sock again!
  • Protect gentle clothing items such as lingerie, swimwear, and sweaters.
  • Prevent wool, knit, and nylons from stretching or pilling.
  • Keep track of small items (like socks or baby clothes).
  • Separate fabrics that shouldn’t go in the dryer.
  • Protect decorative beading, sequins, or embellishments.
  • Pro tip: it’s also great for keeping dirty laundry separate while traveling! When you get to your destination, you can throw the whole thing straight in the washing machine.
  • Made with durable, quality materials, this mesh laundry bag was designed to last through hundreds of washes. It can even be used in the dryer if you choose to machine dry your clothes.

1. Place desired items in the washable mesh laundry bag. 2. Zip closed and tuck the zipper handle into the fabric band. 3. Wash as normal with remaining laundry using your preferred cycle.

The washable mesh laundry bag can help you extend the life of your clothes, making this a great sustainable lifestyle choice!