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Amore Herbal Tea | Loose Leaf

Nuda Botanica
  • $13.00

That's amore! Nuda Botanica designed this love potion around Damiana, an aphrodisiac herb native to the Americas. It's then balanced by the sweetness of the roses and the refreshing acidity of the hibiscus. A blend that will make you feel love and loved. Enjoy warm or iced. Comes in an 8oz glass reusable jar, around 20 serving.

Ingredients: Organic Rose Petals, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Muira puama, Organic Damiana.


Steep 1 tablespoon with a cup (8 fl oz) of hot water for 6-7 minutes, remove and enjoy.

Nuda Botanica connects people with nature through curated, small-batch herbal teas and aromatherapy products, all crafted in Houston, Texas. They support sustainable farming and prioritize eco-friendly materials in both ingredients and packaging to promote happier, healthier communities.