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Organic Pure Vermont Granulated Maple Sugar

Mount Mansfield Maple Products
  • $9.99

Mt. Mansfield's award-winning maple syrup products are created from a beloved 1,000-acre sugar bush nestled within the foothills of the Green Mountains. Their maple syrup is 100% pure, with nothing added or removed, and their innovative, resource-efficient approach means you get the world's greatest maple syrup produced with less impact on the planet.

Maple granulated sugar is 100% pure maple magic. Maple syrup is amazing in the first place, and maple sugar takes that up a notch. The remaining water is boiled out to concentrate the sugar, and all that remains is a solid granule.

Maple sugar can be used as a substitute for any sugar in any recipe or as a condiment on its own. From sprinkling over cereal or yogurt to sweetening carrots and lemonade to baking bread and mixing with salt and pepper, granulated pure Vermont maple sugar has endless kitchen applications.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Pure Vermont Maple Syrup.