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Men's Merino Fluffy Slippers

  • $45.00

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Let Menique's merino wool slippers be your go-to companions for relaxation because your comfort is our priority. Crafted from luxurious 100% Merino wool, our organic slippers for men carry OEKO-TEX and Woolmark certifications, ensuring the highest quality in their skin-friendly footwear.
  • Hypoallergenic fiber that treats even the most sensitive skin softly.
  • Hypoallergenic fabric reduces skin problems and is gentle on the skin.
  • Garment's gentle fabric structure ensures exceptional soft feel on the skin.
  • Crafted from 100% organic and luxurious Merino wool, our garment ensures an itch-free experience, thanks to the exceptional softness of the fabric. Known for its temperature-regulating properties and moisture-wicking capabilities, this garment guarantees comfort throughout various conditions. Not only is it organic, but its incredible durability ensures a lasting and comfortable experience every time you wear it.

Hand wash or machine wash at water 30°C or choose the 'Wool' program. Never use bleaches and we recommend drying flat on a clean dry towel away from direct sources of heat. Never attempt ironing. Possible gentle dry cleaning with petroleum solvent only.

Menique's circularity is demonstrated through their commitment to creating products that are durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements. They also emphasize the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials, ensuring their products can be easily repurposed or returned to the earth at the end of their life cycle.