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Lavender and Lotus Ormus Water-Based Toner Mist

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A winning combination, scent the body and purify the air, face, and body with this organic Bulgarian lavender and colloidal silver water-based toner mist. Deeply calming and effectively cleansing, aromatherapeutic Lavandula has natural antibacterial and immune-supporting properties.
  • Summer Solace's toner mist is hand-crafted with solar-infused reverse osmosis alkaline water, organic American Witch Hazel, organic American jojoba oil, Sovereign Silver bio-active silver hydrosol, crown-chakra centered Lotus Ormus, and Bulgarian-grown lavender essential oil.
  • Alkaline water, organic American Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana), Sovereign Silver bio-active silver hydrosol, pink, blue, and white lotus Ormus, organic Bulgarian-grown lavender (Lavandula) essential oil.

Spray on hands, body, linens, or anywhere a deep reset is needed.

At Summer Solace Tallow, circularity is foundational to their ethos. Sourcing responsibly and crafting with sustainability in mind, they close the loop. their commitment extends to eco-friendly packaging, and encourage communities to actively participate in the cycle by returning containers for reuse or recycling. This embodies their dedication to both natural purity and environmental responsibility.