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Laumės Sweater

The Knotty Ones
  • $275.00

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The Knotty Ones named this knit "Laumės" after the ancient goddesses of Lithuanian mythology. They were believed to be faery seducers of men and protectors of women. These beautiful fairies descended from sky to earth and lived in dewy fields or dense forests, near rivers, swamps and lakes. They'd gather at night under new moon — dancing in circles — to call the rain and create thunder storms, and were considered guardians of nature. They often appeared naked or wearing fine airy clothing. The knit is TKO's take on what a modern day Laumė would wear.
  • For the knit, TKO use only cashmere-like Merino wool that's certified as cruelty free, with no microplastics and no harmful or irritant chemicals used. They source their Merino wool from Italy, where it's spun and dyed in-house by their Italian suppliers.
  • Responsible, cruelty-free wool. Hand finished.
  • 100% Merino Wool. Cruelty free.

Dry clean. Store folded.

The Knotty Ones don't believe in deadstock. All of their Laumės knits are produced in small batches at our their female-led, female-run partner factory in Lithuania, overseen by Mrs Zina. All of her employees earn a living wage and are entitled to four weeks of annual paid leave, 24 months of paid maternity leave and paid sick leave. You'll get a card with your order telling you exactly who knitted your garment and a little about them.