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Large Exfoliating Loofah | 3 Pack

Bamboo Switch
  • $15.00

Natural loofah sponges offer eco-friendly exfoliation. Made from fibrous loofah gourd, they gently remove dead skin, promoting soft, healthy skin. Biodegradable and sustainable, they're a perfect choice for eco-conscious self-care.

What's Included: 3 Oval Loofah. Care: After use, squeeze out excess water and let air dry. Dimensions: 5.75" L x 4" W x 1" H when saturated.

Each plastic "loofah" produced is still around on our planet and will be for hundreds of years. These plastic "loofahs" release microplastics with each use, polluting our waters forever. Bamboo Switch's natural loofah is untreated and completely compostable.