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Ionic Copper Dry Brush

The Golden Secrets
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Take your dry brushing ritual to the next level with The Golden Secrets ion-charged copper bristles. Unlike regular dry brushing, the friction that is created between the copper bristles and your skin creates negative ions that protect the body from free radical damage and environmental stressors and counteracts digital technology.

  • Ion-charged copper bristles accelerate the lymphatic flow and the removal of toxins, pathogens, inflammation, water retention, and even fat deposits.
  • Neutralizing copper ions help bring the body back into electromagnetic and alkaline balance, helps align the chakra system, and increases intuition.
  • Gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, unclogging pores and allowing the skin to breathe and extend your natural glow.
  • Increases circulation and oxygen, which speeds up the healing and regeneration of new skin.
  • Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite by stimulating the release of toxins and gently breaking up pockets of dimpling..
  • Encourages collagen fibers and strong cell structures to maintain their integrity for tight, smooth (stretch mark-free) skin.
  • Dry brushing stimulates the circulatory system and gets your blood flowing, which naturally boosts energy and relieves stress.
  • 97% rated the Ionic Copper Dry Brush as a highly effective exfoliant and energizer for the skin, with a perfect score of 10 in terms of effectiveness.
  • Modern-day technology has our bodies bombarded with unnatural, positive electric charges that can make us feel off and sluggish and our skin dull, congested, and overloaded with toxins. Copper is antibacterial and antiviral, but it's also a highly conductive, powerful metal, and when the copper bristles are used on the skin, it creates friction between the metal and your body which creates an abundance of negative ions. Negative ions are the natural charge of nature that help counteract the constant exposure to technology and indoor lifestyles. Think of how you feel barefoot at the beach, in the forest, at a waterfall, in the mountains, or after a thunderstorm. This is Mother Nature's electrical charge that we need to reconnect to. Daily Ionic Copper Dry Brushing is a highly effective way to flood the body with these negative ions that help support the body's natural self-healing system.

Brush from limbs to heart on dry skin. Brush in a clockwise motion on your stomach. Shower or bathe, then apply your favorite body oil all over to lock in moisture.

The Golden Secrets' custom-made copper dry brush is designed for comfort and control. It is an FSC-certified sustainable beechwood base, vegan, biodegradable sisal fibers from agave cactus and natural copper wire bristles for more profound health benefits. Comes in a reusable cotton drawstring bag.