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Pacayal Honey Lot | Regeneratively-Grown Organic Coffee Beans

Heirloom Coffee Roasters
  • $18.50

Light Roast | Juice Plum, Honey, Orange Blossom

Fragrant orange blossom overpowers your senses in the forward and body of this exquisite coffee, giving way to the deep juiciness of a ripe summer plum. The viscous honey-like body lingers with a sweet and crisp finish. 

Pacayal Honeylot is one of the most unique single-origin coffees that Heirloom offers. Their culinary roasting technique creates a bold expression of flavor and aroma. Pacayal Coffee invests in several initiatives for producers, including best agricultural practices training to prevent Roya, economic empowerment programs for women, sustainable production practices training, and quality research to develop award-winning coffees.

Heirloom Coffee Roasters is proud to announce that Pacayal Honey Lot is a Bronze Medal winner at the 2022 Golden Bean Awards! 

Regenerative | Fair Trade | Organic