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Handcrafted Botanical Notecards, set of 15 blank envelopes a

Essence of Life Organics
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Our Handmade Botanical Notecards are lovingly handmade in Nepal, perfected through generations of traditional Himalayan craftsmanship by paper-making families in rural villages.  These beautiful blank notecards and envelopes are handmade from pressed flowers and the bark of the Lokta shrub, which naturally sheds each year while continuing to grow.  The harvesting of this plant is a renewable and sustainable resource, and provides Fair Trade income to a community of artisans by which they can support their families.   Using Lokta paper also prevents deforestation of trees for paper-making products, where 80% of land animals and plants make their habitats.    Each purchase of these beautiful and ethically crafted notecards contributes to an educational support program, providing scholarships to underprivileged children from remote parts of Nepal.    Buy good, do good. Set of 15 blank notecards and envelopes