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Floor Cleaner Concentrate Starter Kit

The Tidy People
  • $49.00
Tidy People's non-toxic Floor Cleaner concentrate effortlessly cleans and rejuvenates all floor varieties, from hardwood and tile to marmoleum and linoleum. Dilute just a few pumps with water and apply with a mop or mop towel for floors that shine with cleanliness and freshness.
  • Starter Kit includes: 16 ounces of cleaning concentrate in a reusable glass bottle and a measuring cup.
  • Reuse this bottle unlimited times!
  • Scent: Space Forest. The elements in this scent was made to bring the forest right to your home. a pop of citrus ties this altogether to bring an uplifting boost — like you’re walking in a forest through space.
  • Aqua, distilled vinegar, capryl glucoside, hydrocellulose, organic cane alcohol, emusifier and organic essential oils.

This floor cleaner is safe for all floor types and can be used on wood, tile, laminate, marmoleum, linoleum, and more. A few pumps of this cleaner mixed with water in a bucket, applied with a fresh mop or mop towel, will leave your floors fresh and clean.

The recyclable glass containers for the cleaning concentrates help to reduce landfill waste. Organic essential oils and clean ingredients are safe for you and the earth.