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Tapp Water EcoPro Compact Refills 6-Pack

TAPP Water
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Ready for a Tapp Water refresh? The Tapp Water EcoPro Compact replacement cartridge transforms tap water into healthy, great-tasting water thanks to its activated carbon filter that removes over 100 unwanted substances. Reduce your plastic water bottle waste and enjoy healthy, pure drinking water!

  • Includes six eco-friendly filter cartridges compatible with EcoPro Compact by TAPP Water.
  • Tapp Water filter replacement cartridges feature a 100%-natural activated carbon block made of coconut shells and can filter 4 liters per minute.
  • The advanced 5-stage micro-filtering technology removes chlorine, microplastics, sand, rust, sediment, lead, mercury, Salmonella, Legionella, pesticides, herbicides, nitrates and other substances measuring > 1-2 μm (microns).
  • With Tapp Water's kitchen water filter you get high-quality drinking water and help to reduce plastic consumption.
  • This filter replaces buying 200 bottles of water and produces 60 times less CO2 than bottled water.