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100% Plant-Based Heavy Duty Scrubbing Sponge

Essence of Life Organics
  • $5.00

Ditch your plastic sponge for this 100% plant-based kitchen sponge, made from wood pulp, coconut scourer and cellulose fibre. Tough scrubber effectively removes stubborn stains without scratching surfaces. 

Entirely compostable, a zero waste, leave-no-trace item. That’s one less item ending up in our landfills!

One sponge per order.

  • Essence of Life prides themselves on a representation of real, continuous cycles and interconnected experiences, all while embracing a commitment to sustainability. This symbol not only invites contemplation on the genuine, ever-evolving journey but also reflects a dedication to a zero-waste philosophy, ensuring a mindful and eco-friendly connection with the essence of life.