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Eco Suckers - Set of 4 glass straws

SuperBee - Eco Living Made Easy
  • $17.99

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Adding elegance and fun to every sip, our bent glass drinking straws are the turtle-friendly alternative your glass has been waiting for. Whether you’re shaking up a long cocktail, blitzing a delicious smoothie, rehydrating with a bottle of H20, or sipping on a delicious hot drink, these reusable straws are every thirsty environment lover’s friend and come in a set of four vibrant colors. Key features - 100% glass - 100% vegan and cruelty free - BPA-free - Can be used with both hot and cold beverages - Fits in most types of reusable cups - Each pack contains four glass straws in pink, yellow, green, and orange, plus a case and cleaner brush Made from - 100% high borosilicate glass - The cleaner brush is made from nylon bristles and durable stainless steel