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Bamboo Switch
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With this Bamboo Handle lint remover, you will be able to gently and quickly remove any pilling, fuzzing or pet hair from any surface from clothing and upholstery to bedding and rugs. With its lightweight and portability it can be added into your everyday travels for your convenience. ~~~ What’s Included: One Lint Remover ~~~ Material: 100% Bamboo Shoot handle. Stainless steel and dual-sided copper blades. ~~~ Care: Gently remove any debris after every use. ~~~ Dimensions: Handle: Length: 4” Blade: Width: 4” Length: 2” Weight: 1 oz ~~~ Environmental Impact: Disposable and single use lint removers along with their plastic handles and sticky adhesive sheets are put into our landfills after each use and will always pollute our planet. Replace them with this lint remover, with the handle being made from natural Bamboo shoot and the stainless steel and copper blades, you will be helping your environment and will have a lint remover that will last decades when cared for properly.