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Sexual Vitality | Love & Desire | Mushroom Extracts & Herbs

West Wolf Medicinals
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Energizing Mushroom Extract & Herb Blend with Organic Chaga, Shiitake & Cordyceps Fruiting Bodies ONLY-- No fillers/mycelium. As mushroom farmers, we know how to grow delicious mushrooms to eat. Once we realized that the extracted versions of medicinal mushrooms are powerful medicine, we spent years sourcing 100% certified organic mushroom powders. Then we had them extracted to our exacting specifications. The result is the highest quality— no fillers, mycelium, ever. Bursting with Beta Glucans and other amino acid compounds for healthy libido & increased stamina. Cordyceps (known as the Himalayan Viagra) supports energy & vitality. Chaga & Shiitake support healthy hormone function. Synergetic herbs for libido and circulation incl: Licorice, Maca, Nettle, Ashwaghanda, Rose Hips, Ginger, Cinnamon. We make them in our organically certified facility on our farm in Boulder Colorado. From our home to yours. -—Ancient Medicine Backed by Modern Science—