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Self Tanner Face Lotions 3oz

Beauty By Earth
  • $29.99

Beauty By Earth's vegan and cruelty-free facial self tanner, allows you to gradually build your tan layer by layer to help you achieve your desired level of bronze without the use of hard dyes or fragrances, embracing a gentle and natural approach to radiant skin.

  • Certified Non-Comedogenic (Won't clog pores!)
  • Subtle Vanilla Scented Lotion
  • Cruelty free
  • The active ingredient in our face self tanner is DHA, a sugar derivative that gives the top layer of the skin a bronzed glow. Non-GMO and overflowing with plant-based goodness. It’s backed up by a carefully selected combination of supporting ingredients, including organic aloe vera leaf juice (for luscious hydration), organic shea butter (for maximum moisturization), and organic pomegranate and cranberry extract

Beauty By Earth recommends the fair-medium shades for those with fair skin tones, neutral/pink undertones, and that burn easier in the sun. If you have medium or deeper skin tone with warm undertones such as olive, tan - we recommend the medium-dark shades of our self tanners.

This product stands out for its eco-friendly approach, boasting 30% post-consumer recycled content, a commitment to plastic neutrality, and the assurance of being cruelty-free. Embrace sustainability with every use.