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Organic Weightless Waffle Hand Towel: Individual / Clay

Happy Place Brand
  • $24.00
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Stop reaching for wet, musty towels. Upgrade to Happy Place Organic Waffle Hand Towels - These lightweight, absorbent, and quick drying towels are the towels you've been dreaming of. Our signature 3D Waffle texture is crafted to trap and soak water off your skin instead of smearing it around like traditional towels. The airy weave creates a lofty texture that allows for the towels to breathe and dry twice as fast as your standard towel. Happy Place towels are made to last by using the best cotton in the world - Crafted from long staple fiber Turkish Cotton and woven using techniques perfected over hundreds of years.  Our cotton is smoother, softer, longer-lasting, and will only get better each time you use them. Elevate your bathroom and self-care routine with Happy Place Organic Waffle Towels.