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Leakproof Comfort Thong: Volcanic Black / XL

  • $29.00

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****This product line is going through packaging changes. It is not unlikely that you could get two different types of packaging in your order. We appreciate your patience and flexibility through this transition period! If you want this product packed in plastic-free packaging, please send us a message with your order number so our logistics team can take note. Saalt period underwear replaces 1 pad or 2 light tampons Best for: * Light period leaks * Spotting * Discharge * Replace a panty liner * Worry-free backup to a tampon, cup, or a disc * Everyday protection Runs small, order one size up Saalt does not use any PFAS in our fabrics or finishes and tests all materials for a wide range of known hazardous substances, including PFAS and other known harmful chemicals.